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Sorting playlists into folders on Linux the Linux client

Sorting playlists into folders on Linux the Linux client

I've been using spotify for a few years now, and my collection of playlists is growing unsustainable. I've understood one can make folders of playlists on the Windows and OSX versions of Spotify.


Is there a way to make said folders on the Linux or browser version? If not, can we please have that functionality? I can only assume the amount of Linux users for Spotify is growing at a barely noticable pace. Perhaps it would still be beneficial to merge the UX design for the different platforms? 



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The web player doesn't have the concept of folders I think. It seems to just flatten everything out.


There are two ways to create a folder in the desktop client. Use the menus or right click among the list of playlists (where you want the folder to be created) and select Create folder. Since menus are not implemented in 1.0.x version of the Linux client, you need to right click among your playlists.


Except for system level UX design, like for instance menus, they are very similar between Win/Mac/Linux.

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