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Spotify 1.0.1 - The complete changelog


Spotify 1.0.1 - The complete changelog

Thanx to here is the true complete changelog of this horrible update:


  • Apps removed (this is a planned removal and will not be returning)
  • Activity feed redesigned (now emphasizes social aspects over the music they are listening to)
  • Closing spotify with the "X" now exits the application
  • Top Charts has replaced Top Tracks (located in Browse)
  • Play Queue moved outside of sidebar, it is now located on the play bar next to the "shuffle" icon
  • Local files can't be dragged directly into playlists. You must manually add a local folder from the settings menu
  • CTRL-F No longer works
  • Playlist dividers gone
  • Can no longer see list of songs in a folder, only the playlists it contains
  • Cannot set cache or offline playlists location
  • Not all of local tracks show up (people with large local track libraries)
  • Can't remove local tracks from playlists
  • Can't edit ID3 tags for local tracks
  • Clicking song that's playing no longer takes you to the album (for some people)
  • Notifications on the taskbar icon
  • Previous notifications disappears on application restart
  • Crossfade toggle and adjustment has been further buried under Advanced Settings
  • Volume normalization broken
  • Some ads are playing abnormally loud
  • App is not maximized on launch even if it was on closing.
  • Some notifications will never go away
  • Song title and artist no longer appears on the taskbar.
  • Can't use aero peak to see currently playing track
  • Saving entire albums to 'My Music' no longer works correctly
  • Various aspects of the "Sort by..." feature including "date added" for local tracks and "by artists" in playlist view are nonfunctional
  • Can no longer press first letter of name to skip to that section in the playlist/sorting
  • Can no longer drop tracks into the playlist view, you must now drag them to the playlist using the left sidebar
  • Can no longer use "delete" key to remove songs from the play queue
  • Media buttons no longer work for some users
  • Can't resize the sorting columns to see the full text.
  • Track playing won't show on hover view for macs
  • Apple scripts broken
  • Some songs wrongly categorized as local files so they become unplayable in the client
  • No longer able to click currently playing song title to see its position in the playlist
  • No more number of new tracks marker on subscribed playlists

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It even fixes sharing between friends, which has been broken for a long time in 0.9.x. Take back your freedom, until the Spotify alternatives are better.

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This update I agree is HORRIBLE, no crtl-F and further more ...why on earth i cant play my local files..LIKE WTF?

who is the brain behind this update ..let me tell you FIX THIS....

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If you go to this link:

(Spotify will probably remove the link soon....)

You can get the 0.8.5Version It was the best version ever made, before Spotify went **bleep**

If you follow the steps it won't update Spotify.


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Thanks guys! Great work! 😄


I hope that all of these shortcomings is just a list of unfinished things.

I've been a Spotify Premium member for 3+ years and this is the most dissappointing update I've ever seen. Why remove essential features such as sorting and searching and resizing columns? Album art instead of lists? Are you high?

Thanks for the overview. I will downgrade to an older version. Too much is not working anymore! 

Not this sh|t again... 


Remember the time, when Spotify was useful. Easy to navigate, pretty much bug free, easy to share playlists etc?


They just can't figure out to fix bugs. Halt all new development, until all reported bugs and complaints have been fixed. Noooooo, they HAVE f u c k up everything.


I feel this might be a stupid question, but is there anything that actually got better?

Is anyone else unable to add new songs to their playlists?

I just posted something too, And I see I'm not remotely the only one. If they got some sense in their brains, they'll put the old one back. I rarely saw such disapproval from so many people

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It even fixes sharing between friends, which has been broken for a long time in 0.9.x. Take back your freedom, until the Spotify alternatives are better.

Reslar: I believe the update to 0.8.8 received the same critique. That was named "Horrible update". So, this would actually be "Horrible update 2.0". It was never as good as 0.8.5, but at least somewhat usable.

The changelog could just as well read:


  • We wrecked an application you loved and pay through the teeth for. Suck it up. 
  • Encourage new and active users to use rival platform
  • "Ignore customer feedback" now top priority
  • Twisted the UI and made it as arse about face as we could
  • Removed core features and basic behaviours you've come to expect of any software in the last decade
  • **bleep** your local music library! If it aint ours, you can't listen to it. 
  • Added play buttons beside every track, because double clicking was hard and the UI needs more useless **bleep**
  • Search removed from playlists because it was deemed too Overpowered
  • Volume slider moved as far from the rest of the controls as possible, so other controls can be made bigger based on absolutely no user feedback whatsoever
  • Columns cant be adjusted. **bleep** you. It's perfect out of the box by default for all resolutions, screensizes and use cases
  • Minimise to tray contained severe memory leaks and security flaws and as such as been removed because it was dangerous and volatile. Man, dat tray. *shudder*
Now a premium user since the great Spotify failure of March 2015.

Don't forget:

  • We added an option to pay for $H|T. Just kidding. It's not an option

Yes, ONE thing, to wit, 'Play Queue moved outside of sidebar, it is now located on the play bar next to the "shuffle" icon'.  I had wanted a hotkey for the play queue but a bottom button will do. Of course, it may not matter as much now that all of my add-ins have been removed from the sidebar.


Note to management: software is supposed to get BETTER so you can increase market share.  It looks like you guys are shorting the company.

Please allow me to "Hide Announcements" forever. This was a feature in a 0.9.x version of spotify.  These ads take up half a page and are a waste of my space. 


Ten minutes of using and here's some annoying things:


*Missing Minimize to system tray


*Missing "Hide Announcements" forever button in options


*Missing Pause on close (if you're in the middle of the song and close spotify, when you open it used to resume, now it starts the next song)


*missing plugins section? I used the app all the time. I see you embedded musixmaxgjh lyrics into the UI. It's ugly and useless for a lot of the music I listen to.


*play queue history takes too long to load (I don't need the last 10,000 tracks I played, just the last 100 tracks or so)

i`m not happy about this latest update, the volume slider on the right side?! i usually have the left edge of spotify overlapping on the left side of other applications, so i can adjust the sound easily, well i cant now can I.....this may seem small to some people, but i may stop subscribing.......

Apps removed (this is a planned removal and will not be returning)


wtf are you kiddin me?? bye bye spotify then

Tommie, i think it auto updates when you reboot though...?

Thanks a lot , really appreciated.

Downgrading might be a workaround, but not a solution...

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