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Spotify connect button gone in linux

Spotify connect button gone in linux

Hi, I've got Spotify premium, I use the linux desktop app and the android app.


I used to be able to control the music playing on my android phone using the linux desktop app (pause, play, select song, ...).

But the button to select a device (laptop or android) is gone, instead I get a message: "Spotify has been paused because your account is being used somewhere else.".

The device is still detected, I just can't control it from the desktop app.


Is this feature gone? Or is there another way to control my phone from my desktop app?


Here is a screenshot (The song paused in the desktop app is not the song currently playing on my android phone):


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Could someone confirm this feature is gone or not?

And if so is it also gone on other platforms like Windows?

Also have this problem, a function i used ALOT!!! i hope they bring it back since its the only way i at the moment can link spotify to my soundsystem from my computer. I dont wanna pass around my phone to act as a music station when having people over, id rather have my computer for that.

The option is back in BETA version which it is working like a charm:

Thanks, it works great and looks great too!

Does it mean that support for connect button for SpotifyLinux has removed?! 😞

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