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Spotify has lost header bar with close, minimise and resize buttons (ubuntu 22.04)

Spotify has lost header bar with close, minimise and resize buttons (ubuntu 22.04)






Clevo laptop

Operating System

Ubuntu 22.04


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As of a week or so ago spotify opens without the header bar.  See attached screen grab.  This is irritating as I have to switch to and from spotify with alt-tab whereas every other program I use I can resize if I want to (rarely the case with spotify but surely should be an option) but I just click the minimise button in the header bar to push the program to the background.  That was my default behaviour for spotify and my fingers still want to do it every time I have changed music or paused something.   How can I get this header bar back?  I am pretty sure that I am using the snap installation of spotify.

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This did also happen for me in the past. That was when spotify still is set to be fullscreen, while it actually isnt. The only possible way to make it back to normal was to close spotify and delete the configuration.


For the flatpak that would be



(or just delete the whole ~/.var/app/com.spotify.Client directory)


However this only works for the flatpak, I dont know the path of the debian or snap that you probably use on ubuntu. Sorry.

Excellent.  Thanks fabiscafe, you gave me the encouragement I needed.  I renamed

~/snap/spotify/60/.config to .config.bak

I think the "60" above might not always be 60, there a link to it from ~/snap/spotify/current.

Then I launched spotify again, had to log in anew but that's easy and frame with the buttons is back.  Of course, I'd lost my personalised settings so had to reset them so great if someone somewhere knows whether there's a less toxic way to solve this and I'd also love to know is what caused spotify to reset that config!

You could check the "prefs" files. There should be one or two things referring to "fullscreen". I never managed to deal with them in a way that spotify came back with window controls (I did changed them and make the fullscreen go away but the window controls never came back). Maybe you're more lucky. It might not be hard to do - just annoying 😁

I just found exactly how to fix it.


Just go to the same directories named above, and in one of the pref files, for me is in the general one (not the one inside the user folder).


There exists a setting name app.window.position.height and this setting when the top bar disappears is set to 1080 (in my case), if you remove that line, Spotify will set it again at 1003 instead of 1080, so you can remove the line app.window.position.height or change the value.

Specifically, you need to delete or put in quotes line:


in file "prefs" which is located in ~/snap/spotify/60/.config

For people using apt, the config is located on ~/.config/spotify/prefs
Delete app.window.position.height and app.window.position.width and voilà, title bar and window controls are back.

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