Spotify keeps pulseaudio input sink on pause


Spotify keeps pulseaudio input sink on pause


It seems to be acceptable to remove the pulseaudio input sink when pausing playback, at least after some delay.


I tried looking at the pulseaudio documentation but couldn't find what's the official policy, if the sink should be removed or just corked.


From the fact that the output sink of my audio card is being suspended correctly when playback is paused I'm guessing spotify does cork the input sink (and does not input silence), which means that Spotify current behaviour has zero negative affect on battery life of my Bluetooth headphones, it seems to go into standby mode correctly.


Still, considering that users might have Spotify running on their systems for long periods while playback is paused, it might be a good idea to remove the input sink a little bit after the playback is paused.

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