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Spotify on Raspberry Pi Desktop stretch

Spotify on Raspberry Pi Desktop stretch

I have just installed Spotify on my Raspberry Pi Desktop stretch (based on Debian GNU/Linux) machine using the Debian Package technique on the bottom of the page and Spotify works great. Frankly, I give Spotify for Linux developers a 10/10.

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Really? Doesn't work for me; can't even update the repository - claims it doesn't support armhf.

Well, when I installed Spotify through the command-line, I did get a few errors, I don't know what it said or when in the process it happened. In any case, the installed Spotify worked just fine. What Linux distro are you using, and what is the version?

The most recent version of Stretch on a Pi 3 B+

In that case, I could be wrong, but if you typed all the commands correctly in the right order, I think it is because you are using a Raspberry Pi. The OS for Raspberry Pi, Raspbian, might not run those commands correctly, or even at all, possibly because the architecture that a Raspberry Pi uses is ARM. I am using the Raspberry Pi Desktop, which is not made for the Raspberry Pi itself, but made to run on x86/amd64 systems, so, regular laptops or desktops.


Try re-running the commands by copying them into the command line exactly, and if it doesn't work, I think it is because you are using a Raspberry Pi.

Ah, I understand now. I wasn't aware that such a thing existed. That makes sense since it works nicely for me on Ubuntu as well.

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