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TUI Client, or a new libspotify?

TUI Client, or a new libspotify?






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Will we ever get a new version of libspotify, or a Text User Interface client?
Spotify crashes a tad too often due to hardware acceleration and it doesn't quite want to fit into my linux setup, as I tend to use TUIs more than GUIs.


Please return some freedom of choice to the Linux ecosystem and at least revive libspotify in some shape or form


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I understand that Linux isn't a high priority platform for Spotify, but a company that large should be able to find at least a few people to support that platform. A lot of Linux users, including myself, prefer TUIs because of their lightweight nature. If Spotify doesn't want to release a TUI client or a new libspotify version then it might be better for us to try other music streaming services or just go back to a classic local library. I don't like to waste a few hundred MBs of RAM just on a music player, and I often use lower powered machines that really don't like the current Chromium based player.


Spotify is now a larger company than it was when it still worked on libspotify. I don't see a reason why nobody there can work on it. Even if only a tiny portion of users is going to use it, that's probably going to include a few thousand, if not more, Premium subscribers who would gladly pay for an official text based music streaming program.

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