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Ubuntu 12.04 technical issues.

Ubuntu 12.04 technical issues.

I am on Ubuntu 12.04 (soon to be 13.04) running Spotify Linux Preview.


1. While inside of a playlist if I drag a song to the top of the playlist and move my mouse above the list itself but then move back down the song will not position itself when I let go of the mouse button. Occasionally the playlist window will want to stay at the top, if I drag the the slider downward it moves upward automatically, I have to restart the application to get free of it. It does this after I have the above positioning problem. This issue is my main concern.


2. Occasionally when I start Spotify and I click on something within the "What's New" page the program abruptly quits. It has become startling and unpredictable, I no longer click here.


3. Sometimes Spotify will freeze, locking up my access to the rest of the desktop. Sometimes I can load terminal and kill the program, other times I have to push the power button and use arrow keys to select restart or shutdown.


4. While using Soundrop app the rotation buttons on the home page, third row for popular rooms, causes Spotify to abruptly quit.


Thanks for supporting Ubuntu Linux, I look forward the client maturing and maybe even running on Ubuntu phone. Lots of GUI optimization on the Ubuntu side of things getting done, I hope that makes the development experience easier.

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