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Update Spotify on Linux Mint 18 - Can't be Authenticated?

Update Spotify on Linux Mint 18 - Can't be Authenticated?

I installed Spotify on Linux Mint 18 several weeks ago using the software manager. Today, I tried to update the client and I got the warning seen in the screenshot.


I'm wary about ignoring these types of errors. What should I do?

Screenshot from 2017-12-20 21-33-16.png
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The reason you get this error is that the signing key for Spotify's debian repository changed between "several weeks ago" and now. We distributed a new key with version 1.0.59 I think, but since you have a version older than that, you never got the new key and now your OS _correctly_ warns you that it can't verify that package is authentic.


Yesterday, Spotify was released as a snap package, which is supported on Mint as well. Follow the instructions on to install snapd on Mint. Then use snap to install spotify. To not confuse spotify from the debian package with the snap package, remove the old spotify debian package as well. In short:


sudo apt remove spotify-client
sudo apt install snapd
snap install spotify


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