User interface under LInux


User interface under LInux

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Operating System

Linux Mint


My Issues:

1. After upgrading desktop version I can't find my 'liked' songs of a given artist. Previously it was like this: I click on an artist and I've seen immediately ALL songs from all albums which I marked as 'liked'. I was just able to start playing all the songs I like from that artist.

Currently: I click on an artist, I get bunch of uninteresting information (for me) but I can't find nor start playing my favorite songs!

Now - I ask you to give me a simple answer - is this a feature or a bug of new user interface?


2. Scrolling - lazy loading is a very bad idea and it kills experience. Now I can't simply take a scrollbar and move with mouse to the end. I would have to repeat it hundred times to reach the bottom of my library.

Of course you can say I can scroll... but it requires a lot of scrolling too.

Why did you change something what was working well?

Again, simple question - is it a feature or a bug of new UI?


I was already informed that Linux is not officially supported 😕 But because of (1) it makes it somehow unusable for me, because I listen to music on artist-basis. Currently I'm using a trick - I start my music on the phone, but listen to it on PC 😄

Can I maybe go to the version from the month ago?



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