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Why doesn't the linux version of the desktop app have an equalizer?

Why doesn't the linux version of the desktop app have an equalizer?

The snap app or via flathub doesn't have any option to control the audio with an equalizer, just like any normal audio player, like vlc or audacious.

I understand that Spotify uses a web app side playback, so the desktop app is not a player as such and therefore cannot equalize, but Javascript (ES6) and HTML5 have long allowed equalization effects via the web using AudioContext and createBiquadFilter, so technologically speaking there is no excuse for the web or desktop version in linux not having an equalizer. Instead of equalizing the audio, you could use an api to tell the web version how to equalize the audio.

By example:

It's ugly and inconvenient to have to install multiple applications on the operating system like as pulseaudio-equalizer-ladspa just to equalize the music, for example, when I want to equalize the music but not the game I'm playing via steam simultaneously.

I think an equalizer is a very basic functionality that any desktop music player should have, I even think it's more important than the shuffle button.

In any case, I am grateful that there is an official version for linux (even if it is only a mockup for the web version), i honestly don't see any advantage between using the web version and the desktop version.

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