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Wrapped 2020 not available on desktop?

Wrapped 2020 not available on desktop?

I noticed while trying to see my Wrapped this year it requires me to download the mobile app. I don't have a smartphone and listen exclusively via desktop. I've been looking forward to this for a while, am I out of luck?

7 Replies

Yeah, would kind of want wrapped on my desktop. Especially given I do not use the most up to date version of Spotify on my phone, given updates after a certain point do not allow me to use the app; an issue that is at least two years old now I might add.

Even then, I mostly use my Desktop; especially during the COVID outbreak, where I do everything from home now and seldom travel.

Can confirm - it looks like it's mobile only this year which is mildly annoying - worse if you're a desktop only user.

I used an Android Emulator to view my wrapped, specifically BlueStacks. I downloaded and installed Spotify, and then viewed my results there. If you want a detailed tutorial, I would be happy to make one for you!

Good work around. I'm consistently annoyed by the decisions from spotify that restrict the desktop functionality as well as their online and mobile versions. Spotify 2017 was a good year.


Yeah this year's Wrapped experience is only for iOS and Android.


I am one of those (undoubtedly minority) who does not have a mobile with either operating system. It won't drive me to buy one either. 🙂

in another thread a moderator Elena said "We can confirm that stories only available on mobile" which buahahaha is an utter travesty and a joke, a company that makes billions and pays next to nothing the artists that make them millionaires, the company who is happy to take 9.99 a month from us, cannot be ar** to make the wrapped available to desktop users. You are jokers, spotify.


Anyway, won't be losing any sleep over this, would've been entertaining to watch this as I remember comparing it with friend last year, having a laugh. Not this year? No drama, you can eff off with your mobile only wrapped spotify, just came here to see if it's just me who thinks this is complete bollo**s, clearly not, and so glad to see the mobile version is crashing and is a major issue, geez, you couldn't even get the mobile right, no wonder no desktop version 😄

Yeah, that's probably the reason honestly.  The mobile 2020 wrapped is so glitchy, I can't imagine how it would have gone to do the desktop 2020 also.  They might have even had a 2020 wrapped planned for desktop, but then decided to prioritize having 1 working version due to their dumpster fire progress.  And they still failed.

Who knows, maybe this whole thing is just 1 poor intern's job over at Spotify

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