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can login via web but not on ubuntu 15.04 app

can login via web but not on ubuntu 15.04 app

I can login via web normally and listen songs but I cannot on ubuntu 15.04 app.

Any suggestion?

I have the lastest version installed.

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Hi! What do you mean by can't login? Does it open? Or the app opens and can't connect? If the app doen't open try this link . If you can't login, I will escalate your problem. Hope this helps 🙂

Hi, thanks for reply.

The App start correctly but when I push the button "log in" It gives me an error of wrong credendial but using the same credentials via web everything works. It''s strange.

I don't know the fix. Don't worry, I will escalate your issue. 🙂

Hey, how are you? What version are you using? If you open a terminal and execute Spotify, do you have some other error besides the incorrect credentials? 

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