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queue behavior inconsistent

queue behavior inconsistent

Hi there!

I am using Android, Android Auto and the Ubuntu Linux standard supplied Spotify client. For me it is rediculously complicated to find any support, as you never know where to put what question. And as the chat support looks to be vanished, I have to put it somewhere...


If you have songs in your queue and then pause the queue, go to a different track and then play this one, the playback returns to the queue after the track... That may be ok if you think of this single track to be inserted in the queue..


However, if you press play on an album ( > Symbol on the cover view), you also only get only the first track of this album, then playback returns to the queue... I don't want that old queue, I want the album... 

Ok, playback is queue based, so I could add the album to the queue, but then I have to skip through the queue, till I reach the album I want to hear... What a work!

So I switch to the queue, and wanted to clear it, so I could put the album I want to hear in the first place... Oh wait, no clear button...


How to play sometimes an Album, sometimes just something out of the queue?


And before you ask, I have no idea of which version of Spotify Client I use on my Ubuntu 18.10 as someone decided to remove all standard menu options EVERY linux program shows. So there is no Menu->Help->About or whatever you name it.


And I had to click 8 (in words EIGHT) captchas until I could post this message. That is ... And as I wrote this after clicking the captachs I had to do another round of them...


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