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songs skip after 1 second

songs skip after 1 second







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I have an ASUS chromebox that has been playing spotify just fine for years.  Today it has suddenly started skipping every single song after one second. Every song.  Whether on my playlists, songs I have saved, songs I've never heard before, other people's playlists, etc etc.  I have done no updates nor made any physical changes.

I have logged out of all accounts then back in to spotify.

I have rebooted the device.

I have rebooted my network router and modem.  Speedtest shows a 50MBPS download speed.

I have cleared the browser cache and all other data.

I have shift-reloaded the web client.

I have verified that all wireless and bluetooth peripherals are not misbehaving.


Here's the interesting part.  I can play spotify just fine from 5 other devices that are using the same wifi network (two phones, 1 tablet, one PC, a laptop, all different OSes.)


I can also play spotify just fine from this chromebox AS LONG AS I PLAY IT ON ANOTHER DEVICE.  So it is not the computer, the network, the software version, my spotify account, or any weird peripheral interference that might be hitting the next button.


The second I switch the device back to my main system, the songs start skipping again.  Switch it back, songs play fine on my other speakers in the other room.


If I log out of all accounts and only use this computer, songs will skip.  Every song.  All songs.  no music of any kind plays.


I have now spent four hours troubleshooting this and spotify is completely unusable on my main system.  Please help. 

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Same problem, tried all solutions but nothing works

This is happening to me, too. Only after skipping 6 songs exactly, it will play the song it stopped on for 10 seconds, and then the audio stops. This has been going on for around 4 days now; I'm not sure what's going on. 

I cannot play any music anymore. It's very disappointing.

This is happening to me as well.  I even did a pressure wash on my chromebook, didn't fix the problem.  Actually added problems for other things. 

This is happening to me too 😕 Google brings up the same issue multiple times over the years, but I'm glad to see I'm not alone in the September 2021 saga!


The web player is the only option for me on this Chromebook (app is not available to download). Same issue occurs on Chrome Incognito. No updates available for Chrome OS. Spotify works fine on other devices/on app version.


On this Chromebook, the web player plays 5 songs for 1 second each, then the 6th song plays for 9 seconds and then there's no sound (but it visually looks like it continues to play).


Console logs:

POST 400
license:1 POST 400
license:1 POST 400
license:1 POST 400
license:1 POST 400
license:1 POST 400

same issue, i'm getting kind of tired of it

I'm wondering if a change has been made to the web player which is affecting backwards compatibility with Chrome? On this Chromebook (Acer C720) no further OS updates are available, so I'm stuck with version 76.0.3809.136. I've had no issues with any other websites, so it'll be really disappointing if this can't be fixed.

Coming back to this; it is still happening. I think I may just unsubscribe from premium at this point; no use in paying for a program I can't use.

This has been happening to me too, also on a chrome OS that has no updates available. Took me ages to find a relevant recent thread, I'm glad it's not just me!

Would quite like to see this fixed lol, it's one of the only devices I can use at the moment, plus I don't have premium, it feels ike I'm constantly being forced into ads!

I hadn't thought to test podcasts, but I've just listened to one tonight with no problems! So the (compatibility?) issue seems to be affecting songs only. Really strange. Missing playing music on the web player!

Looks like our only options are to buy a new Chromebook or cancel Spotify Premium and move playlists etc, to Youtube Premium which works fine on these older Chromebooks. I know which one I'll be doing.

same problem here


i have the same problem

The solution for me was to play a song once from my iPhone(not using webplayer as output) and then switch to the webplayer again on my MacBook. Then songs could be played correctly.

This is happening to me too, maybe since adobe flash stopped being supported/a thing, now it's affecting the web browser? I don't know, but if I try to play one song it plays for 1 second, then skips to the next one that also plays 1 second, and then after a few more songs skipped, one of them will play 9-10 seconds and then the sound stops. It also is really laggy and unresponsive and won't pause or start playing anything else I click on until several moments later. I think it was google casting correctly to a speaker I have, but then when I put it back to play on my browser, it kept having the same problem.

its not just chrome my asus tuf gaming f15 laptop is also doing this

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