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timeout setting ?

timeout setting ?




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(Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS )


My Question or Issue

Two Questions actually:

1- Is there a way to increase network timeout for feeds/search results/home page requests? Maybe via ~/.config/spotify/prefs ?

The thing is I have a slow internet connection and keep running into "Offline" or No Internet screens and blue alerts, when navigating from and to the Home page, or searching, or going through playlists / albums.... Song playback works fine even on High / Very High audio quality setting, there are times it needs to time to buffer, but its no problem, I am not sure why the other requests timeout so fast? Also cache seems off, can't return to previously loaded playlists and that kind of stuff is very annoying when navigating throgh the library.


2- Is there some documentation or list about what are all the available settings to put in that prefs config file?

Thanks in advance!

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