A few problems and missing features


A few problems and missing features

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 I'm a long time premium user on mac and iphone.


Generally I love the service, but there are some significant issues that do make me sometimes wonder about other services. I've looked for a feedback forum, but don't see where to post these, so here they are.


1. Quit messing with the interface and eliminating features. This has been the case since the beginning. Most recent is the loss of playlist radio. Also, the ability to sort searches by title seems to come and go. STOP IT. Only fix what's broken.


2. Allow multi-select of playlists to allow for mass deletion! I don't get why this has never been added.


3. Add a slider to allow more of less new music during radio play. Mostly I get the same bands over and over. I want more new stuff, but since others may not, let us choose.


I'm probably forgetting a few things, but I'll start with this.