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Cache handling on MAC OS X

Cache handling on MAC OS X


Some songs won't play until i delete the cache and restart the app.


A more detailed description, using numbered steps

After trying to play some songs and getting an error message i had to:

Close the app.

Go to the cache folder.

Delete the cache Folder.

Restart the app.

Play again.


What I expected to happen

In the case of a cache failure due to the DB, the DB should be auto reset or checked.

In the case that a song fails to play because of network issues, the selected should be re-downloaded or a network failure error should be popped.


What actually happened

Playback error and music stopped or jump to next song.


My Operating System

OS X 10.9.2


My Spotify version


My internet provider and country



My username

11100046613 (Alejandro Moya)



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Unfortunately it does appear if your cache gets corrupted, Spotify has no way to recover it on it's own (although cache corruption is pretty rare unless something else is breaking it).

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Since this is the community i get your answer, but my report is more like a bug description, i have no idea if it's possible to send bug reports straight to the tech team, but i tried to be as much detailed as possible on the problem and possible solution, as i'm a developer i understand this could help make the app more stable, since it relies a lot on the DB and the connection.

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