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Can't share music with a follower

Can't share music with a follower

Up until last week, I have been able to share songs with my followers. Now, when I search a specific follower in the "Send To..." function of share, they don't show up. We are both running the most recent version of Spotify. How do I fix this?

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If you go to their profile does it show you are following them?

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Yes it shows I'm following them. I tried unfollowing and re-following; but that didn't work. I can send songs via username (the long number), but won't show up via Facebook name.

I also cant share any songs anymore. I deleted the app on my iphone and installed it again today. It worked once, and when I tried to send a second song to the same person spotify once again didnt recognize the user. It says "No Results." This has been happening for a while now..

And yes, I am following the user.

Are you friends with this person on Facebook? Spotify sharing on the mobile apps only works via Facebook sadly.

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Yes I am friends with them on Facebook. I'm trying the share music from my laptop, the Spotify program downloaded from Spotify's website, not the mobile app.

I came across this thread while searching in frustration for how to share music in Spotify on the app. I have similar problems with not being able to share any songs or albums on the mobile app. Reading the comment that one can't share EXCEPT through Facebook just got me angry. I'm not a Facebook user, and I'm not going to start being one anytime soon. The idea that, as a premium user, I'm paying $10 each and every month so that I can't share music (supposedly one of Spotify's best features) on my mobile device, the only one I use to listen to Spotify, unless I do so through Facebook is insulting, aggravating, and really annoying. Can't you people understand and accept that we are not all Facebook users, that we don't all want to be Facebook users, that a good number of us are perhaps interested in sharing with a small group of friends but don't particularly wish to have that broadcast to the entire works of voyeurs on Facebook, that there actually is human interaction outside of Facebook? Uh, don't bother to answer that. Apparently, no you can't. ThIs absurd, ridiculous, clumsy route that you insist we follow on our mobile devices has to be one of the dumbest, most insensitive, most off-putting I've recently seen in an app. Good gawd, Spotify.  To this point, I'd been really liking you. Now I'm uncertain I even want to use your service, much less pay $10 every single month for it anymore. What a really terrible call. 

Superbly said. Sick to death of this stupid, ignorant reluctance to upgrade the app.

I agree with the criticism posted here about the coerced Facebook integration. Spotify, it is outrageous that you are forcing your paying customers to synch' with Facebook in order to be able to share music easily. Yes, I know you can email playlists, but that is clunky and a horrible user experience. I am a Facebook user, but I have no need or interest to broadcast my music listening to anyone via Facebook. I want to share with my friends/followers on Spotify. What possible logic or benefit (to your customers) would there be to adding a superfluous intermediary? Sure, allow the option to share through Facebook for those who want to. But PLEASE, fix this inexcusable defect in your service.

I can receive shared music from a follower (not friends with me on Facebook) but I cannot share music with them. Their name does not show up when trying to send in the desktop version. On the web app, the follower does show up, but message takes forever  and doesn't seem to send. WTF? 


I don't understand what the problem is here? 

I would also like to mention that the "Support" Spotify offers as a company blows. By utilizing a "community" forum, you're simply punting the cost and staffing for dedicated people to help your customers. No need to mention that I'm paying you guys 10 bucks for the service. 


Fix this crap. 

Has there been any advancement on the ability to send tracks to your followers by message ? The whole Spotify reliance on Facebook frustrates me massively . I don't use Facebook just like most of my friends
don't anymore as we have got to that age ... I'm paying Spotify for this service and If they don't step back with all the Facebook integration,
I'm going to look for another service

That would make sense. If this is true, it seems like pretty inconsistent functionality. I could see this happening because I'm not a Premium user but because I'm not registered through Facebook? Psh. Pretty lame that Spotify would marginalize non-Facebook users in such a way.

Here, here...I couldn't agree more with this. I'm not a paying customer, and after reading your post I realize how incredibly lame it is for Spotify to be dropping the ball with this.

this fuhhhhkking sucks!!!! i just wanna share good music with my friends 😕


Did something recently change? I am on my home iMac, where I regularly share songs with a friend who also has a premium Spotify account. Now, when I share, I can only "post to followers." This is not something I want to do. Please help, thanks--

There's an entire, LONG thread about this.  They did away with this feature.  😞

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