Client not opening in 10.8.2


Client not opening in 10.8.2


Greetings all:


This problem has been widely reported, and I'm posting here to give it a bump (and to say that it's still out there). Running the latest version of Spotify on a MBP 10.8.2. Was working fine, then out of the blue, stopped working. I start the app, login, and the app freezes (I get the "not responding" message and have to Force Quit).


I had this problem a while back, and after a couple of clean reinstalls and logging into the website first, it worked fine. Now, nothing seems to work. I've tried:


  • Multiple clean reinstalls
  • Logging into client with both Facebook login and Spotify login
  • Logging into the website (with both FB and Sp login) first and then starting app
  • Turning off my Internet connection then starting the app

Nothing seems to work. 


Web player works fine, iPhone and iPad work fine. Just the standalone client.


Any ideas out there?




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