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Converting/replacing 'local' files with online/Spotify versions

Converting/replacing 'local' files with online/Spotify versions



I have a playlist in Spotify of over 700 tracks imported from iTunes, all of which were 'local' files. Sadly, due to a hardware failure I've since lost my iTunes library. 


Is there any way to do a search or scan to replace the 'local' files in the Spotify playlist with the Spotify one? 


(Spotify Premium)

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Hi @4_6wm10wd-vmb and welcome to the Community! 🙂
Sorry to hear about the hardware issues. 😞 As far as I know, there isn't a way to do this as you've described.
I am not sure if this suggestion would work or not since I am unable to test at the moment... But my first thought would be to see if you can drag/copy the local titles to a playlist and then disable local files to see if Spotify will stream the tracks from their catalog instead. (A playlist would be needed since it would no longer look at your local library).
I know when I am on my desktop that my active local files override the Spotify versions unless I disable them. So it may work in reverse ... but I don't know for certain. Have a great day! 🙂


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