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Desktop App not syncing with Mobile


Desktop App not syncing with Mobile

So, a few months back i had an issue with Spotify. Whenever i created a playlist on my iphone or ipad it would not show up on my desktop and viceversa. After reinstalling spotify several times on my Mac and deleting every file i could find( including hidden files such as .plists.) i finally got it to work properly.


About a week ago installed an SSD in my Mac and installed a fresh copy of OS X. And the same issue showed up again. I tried the same solution i used last time but to no avail. I even tried copying the settings from the old system but that didn't work either.


I've made sure i'm logged into the same account on both my iphone, ipad and Mac. The playlists sync between the iphone and the ipad. But nothing syncs to or from the Mac. 


Any ideas? 


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Posting for people currently having this issue!
You simply need to go to settings>playback>offline.
In both the phone and desktop switch to "offline mode" for a good 5 to 10 minutes, then switch back to "online" and it should sync them up!
you may need to close each app, but no reinstalling with this solution 👍

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I have a similar problem. My playlists are syncing from my Mac to my iPhone but any playlist I create on my iphone, as well as any starred tracks are not showing up in spotify on my Mac.


Does anyone know how to fix this?




As of today (and I just upgraded the MAC desktop client, the spotify playlists made on the mac are not syncing (there is an error message at the top of the Mac Desktop Client)


the mac app and the iphone app don´t syncSmiley Sad

Same happeninh here. Come on Spotify sort it out, I don't pay for premium for it not to work!

Same problem I'm having, but with my BlackBerry and Windows Spotify.


Added playlist on BlackBerry. Added tracks to it from Blackberry. Playlist shows up with tracks on BlackBerry everytime without fail, even syncs for offline use.


Desktop: Empty playlist.. 😞


Same problem. Just bought the premium and the syncing from the mac to the iphone doesn't work at all. All of my problems started once I downloaded the app on the mac.  



Hi zapataswa - Are you receiving any error messages? I believe you may have been experiencing the temporary issue discussed here:


Please try logging out and logging back in again. Let me know how that works for you. 

I am new in Spotify. Premium account.


The playlists on my Ipad and desktop do not sync and vv.


I log in with the same account but they seem to be independend from each other.


Is it possible to have them synchronised adn show the same playlists on both?



I'm rather amazed that after over 2 years this still seems to an issue. My desktop playlists and mobile playlists don't all. It seems Spotify can't handle adding lots of music at once to a playlist, all is fine and dandy on the desktop app but somehow the mobile app does not sync the files equally. For example my favorites (starred) playlist has 0 tracks in while the mobile app show about 990, another playlist on the desktop has about 5700 while on the mobile app it's 2980.

So I create playlists on the computer then go to my iPhone to download to take with me, and it's nowhere to be found!

I search the web for a soltion only to find out that the Mac app and the mobile app simply do not talk to each other... and never have!?

Then I notice that these complaints date back for over 2 years...

You've got to be kidding, Spotify.

I'm not sure if you've heard, but Apple recently purchased Beats Music and that service has been getting good reviews.

You have got to step up your game and fix these issues!

I really don't want to switch to Beats, but if they provide the better service it would just be the smart decision.


Premium service should mean a premium user experience. Spotify is not that right now.

Update from my last post:
So the Mac app DOES sync with the iOS app, but it takes a LONG time.
It took several hours for the playlist I created on my laptop to show up on my phone (on wifi).
I'm pretty sure NASA can communicate with the Mars rover with less of a delay.

Still not a premium experience, Spotify.

Can't agree more. I'm relatively new to Spotify but now that I am in, premium and all, I find that Mac is on another island. What miffs me the most is the absence of player visibility - I like the fact & convenience of viewing one iOS' current song from another iOS device which is great when you're in another part of the house / room. Mac desktop however, is a standalone. That, and yes the playlist disconnect with mobile devices list. Sad. Really when it is costing $9.90 a month.

Just in case anyone thought they'd solved this problem ... nope. Just created a playlist on my iPhone yesterday. It's still there, but doesn't show up on my desktop app or in the web player. And it's not in the list of old playlists available to recover (which is actually a pretty cool feature that I didn't know existed). And I can't tell you how often I attempt to add an album or a song to playlist, but those tracks don't actually get added. Now I have to check every time. Did it really add it? Did it really add it? Very annoying. I love the music selection, but these buggy interface problems are really annoying. I can't imagine how Spotify expects to keep its users once Apple's new platform rolls out later this year.

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Posting for people currently having this issue!
You simply need to go to settings>playback>offline.
In both the phone and desktop switch to "offline mode" for a good 5 to 10 minutes, then switch back to "online" and it should sync them up!
you may need to close each app, but no reinstalling with this solution 👍

I have tried this and it doesn't work?! I'm not sure what else to try?


Your not going to be able to sync these....Apple clearly doesnt want Spotify users to have sync capabilitiy so it will push us to use their iTunes platform -- which would sync with the iphone. 

Kill your app on your phone and restart it completely. Open Songs it will show the songs you added through the mac, Just, tab download to add the songs offline on your phone. 

Since this is still an issue, I figured I would come in here and post what works for me.  Typically what I want to do is start the player on my phone, and control it from my desktop (@ work).  Even being on the same WIFI, what I find I need to do is to close the app on both, fire it up on the desktop FIRST, start playing something, then open the app on the phone, and I should get prompted "Playing on desktop... blah blah", then I just click on the Listen On This Phone, and then both are syncing and I can edit and click around on playlists with my desktop, and play through my phone.


The sync does get lost if I stop playing for any period of time (like if I go to a meeting or something).  Simply rinse and repeat.  If it doesn't work in this direction, simply reverse directions.


I've tried everything in this thread, but playlists still don't sync between laptop (mac) and phones (iphone and android). Anything else I could try?

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