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Desktop app doesn't show Google speakers as a device to connect to

Desktop app doesn't show Google speakers as a device to connect to

I have a premium account and I'm on Mac Mojave 10.14.4


Whenever I want to cast my Spotify to my Google Home speakers, it works without issue on my phone. However, whenever I try to cast from the desktop app, my speakers never show up as an option. It just shows me a learn more button on how to connect to my devices.


My computer is on the same wifi network as my speakers. I don't know how to get my desktop computer to recognize my Google Home speakers.

Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 11.38.16 AM.png
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Have you tried logging in to spotify from the web and see if devices are available to cast from the browser? i see them available to cast on the chrome browser, but not in the spotify PC App. This is so frustrating.

I can cast from my phone and THEN in shows up in my desktop app, but not before. In fact, I can't see any home devices - only via my phone (where I can see them all), and only when I start casting to them from my phone does it work.

Have you solved this issue? I am actually experiencing the same issue. Works fine from phone, but not from Spotify on my Macbook.


It worked until yesterday without any changes that I am aware of.


When playing from my phone, the device will show up on my Macbook as well.

Same issue here. First screenshot is from my phone, which shows all of my google home devices and virtual devices (groups). The second is from the connect window on the desktop app on my laptop, which is on the same wifi as all devices. The only reason the Chromecast audio device "Weight Room Speaker" shows up there is because it is currently playing, as I started it from my phone. I've seen the other topics about not supporting chromecast as actual devices, but it makes no sense why it shows up in the Android app but not the Windows app. Interestingly, Shield is the only device that consistently shows up on the desktop app, and that is also a chromecast device, though I don't believe the spotify app on it uses the built-in chromecast.


Spotify connect on Android.png

Spotify Connect on PC.png



Same issue here.  Any luck with a solution?  I thought maybe it had to do with my Google Home app using a different email address than the one that my Spotify premium account uses, but Spotify shows up as a Podcast service in the Home app despite the different email addresses.  So why doesn't Spotify show up as a service in the Home app?

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Apologies for the late reply, we've just come across this thread. At the moment, it's not possible to connect to a Google device directly from the desktop app.


However, there's a workaround you can try. You just need to start playback directly from the Web Player or from the phone app, then the Google device will show up in the Connect section in the desktop app.


In this thread's Solution you can find a thorough explanation about this. 


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