Embedded but could not listen in website

Embedded but could not listen in website

Hello I'm a returning user and just be a premium user again today.

I have some embedded musics in my website but

cannot listen the musics inside the website;

when I click the play button, a new window launches and opening Spotify Web Player.


How can I fix this?

Thank you

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Hey - welcome back! The embedded player always plays via the Spotify client, either the web or desktop client. According to emebed site info if the user does not have a Spotify account it should play a snipit of the track via the web player but not the whole thing. The embed player will never play without opening Spotify in some form or another. 

But I have already a Spotify account,

now I installed again on my desktop,
but still cannot listen only inside the website.

When I'm using Spotify premium account before, I could be able to listen embed player

as standalone...
But I cannot remember exactly,
maybe I'm wrong.

My understanding is that they updated the embed coding a while back and sounds like they changed the way they're sourcing the music to make it where you have to have Spotify open in some way to use the embed player. 


If you're looking to listen only within a web browse in general maybe the web player is an answer - that way you don't have to open a desktop client. 

Okey thank you

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