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Horrible new UI with bare-minimum features

Horrible new UI with bare-minimum features






MacBook Pro


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I have recently come to understand I have been given a new update on the Spotify desktop app that is absolutely horrible. Here are some of the features no longer available:

  • Friend activity
  • Followers on profile and playlist
  • Ability to edit playlists
  • Filter in liked songs
  • Discover page 
  • Can't view stream numbers for anything

There are probably more that I don't even know of, but those are the ones I have noticed so far. As a member of the music industry, some of these features impact me directly in my ability to do my job. I have tried speaking to multiple people on the Spotify Customer Support team and have not heard back a single answer to any of my questions.


Did anyone else get this update, and have you found any way to revert back to the old interface? I've tried almost everything. I've seen only a select few threads on this issue. I am extremely upset right now that my daily job has been made much more difficult due to this horrible UI update. 

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Doh, that sounds really bad ... I need to backup current version now...

I completely agree and I am completely confused as to why this would be any type of improvement. I can't ctrl click anymore, I can't edit my playlists anymore, I can't add pictures to my playlists anymore, I can't edit the details to playlists anymore. I thought my MacBook pro was glitching. I've uninstalled and re-installed the app three times, plus, I've logged out a considerable amount of times as well. I need the old version back.

if they dont fix this im cancelling my family plan smh

This whole thing is absolutely ridiculous. I spoke to someone who works at Spotify and says they were given a setting to get rid of the update. How is that fair?

I have the same issue.. Contacted live chat yesterday and was told it's a test and we cannot be given a timeline for when/if it will revert back to the ''old'' version. 

I suspect that it won't revert back. They'll probably release the new UI with missing features and then spend few years bringing back the features that the current app already has.


Just my 2 cents.

no more credits of songwriters etc.


and wtfff no more statistics and streaming numbers. helps with new artists to see their most popular songs!!!! 

Its the missing streaming numbers which grieves me most. How can I use spotify to find popular tracks by unfamiliar artists if I cannot see which tracks are most appreciated and listened to by fans of that artist?

backing up your current version won't be helpful as it's not an update that makes this change happen. The code and a switch were added versions ago and once they enable it for your account, the web player will be there. So instead you should uninstall spotify and then install a version like See here:

There's no need to disable the MS Store though (if on Windows)

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