If I play ONE podcast, Spotify automatically adds every episode to my queue.


If I play ONE podcast, Spotify automatically adds every episode to my queue.

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If I click on ANY podcast in the Mac application, Spotify automatically ads every single podcast to my queue, then sets it to autplay. I don't want this.


Example. If I click on "Sword and Scale" ep 135, Spotify will add episodes 1-134 to my queue automatically.


If I then clear the queue and play episode 130, Spotify then adds episodes 1-130 back into my queue!! I am not adding them, double clicking, nothing. It is doing this because it is what Spotify wants it to do, is it to boost play numbers? Is there an option to turn this off?




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Hey there folks,


Thanks for searching for the answer you need here! 

As @koolbenny mentioned, first make sure you check if your Autoplay is disabled.


In case you experience the issue even after deactivating the feature, try logging in to another Spotify account on the same device to see if this persists. If it works with another account, you can follow the steps in this Spotify Answer next. 


Let us know how you get on! We'll be here in case you need any further help with this.  

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I was battling with this, and read your post along the way.


I found a way to do it so just thought I'd share...


Make sure Autoplay is disabled. Then make sure your whole play queue is empty, and add the single podcast you want to listen to to the queue.


It's faffy, but it works.

Just in case it's been missed, if you click on the episode you're listening to, on the lower panel where you can forward/ backwards /pause/play, there is a moon symbol to the right of forward 15 sec, if you press it you can set the sleep time including "end of episode".

Yeeeah, thats it. I'm ashamed for not notice it heheh

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I sure wish somebody would answer this. I'm about to cancel my subscription, this is such a bad experience. 

And because it's autoplaying whichever episode it decides is next, it's resetting the indicator that I've already listened to a podcast.


People talk about this software like it's a game-changer when really it's barely usable in its current form.

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Let me add to this:


if I repeat the same excercise on the Chrome web player, it also adds all the episodes to a queue...but that queue does not reflect again in the Mac app. It is also a one-way phenominon; the Android app does not produce this behavior.