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Installing 2 versions of Spotify (old and newest)

Installing 2 versions of Spotify (old and newest)

I can't seem to find any related searches to this so thought it may be useful to some people to read about my experience. I'm not sure if someone else has tried this before, wouldn't surprise me if they had done.


I'm running (or rather .1333 until recently) with a non-facebook linked account; a fan of the older less bloated and social versions of the client. I stopped the automatic updates a while ago and have been relatively pleased with how everything has been running. I had some issues with playlists appearing in searches, and I thought what if my older client had something to do with it.


This got me thinking could I simply have 2 versions of the Spotify install on my mac, using the 8.5.1356 version and the newest install to try out without losing the old client and faffing around with re-installs and syncing. Essentially I think you can however I've run into a few problems.


First you need to download a version of Spotify, and make sure you edit the archive sig file in the library (good instructions available on the forum) to stop auto-updates. Then rename this version of Spotify to whatever you like, I simply added the version number. Next download another version of Spotify, and drag this to your applications folder, renaming it too to something you like. I had 8.5.1333, then downloaded 8.5.1356, and 9.7.16.

I didn't experience any issues until I had opened each version (so 3 versions in total), which combined with my phone, made 4 instances of Spotify. I believe may have triggered a removal of offline access to my Spotify account as I have gone over 3 registered installs. As when I opened my now favourered old install, offline access had gone and I had to resync all my stored tracks.


Also, the location of stored music and associated settings kept resetting itself. If you tried to adjust these settings, the client would crash, unless you selected OFFLINE mode.


I think I need Spotify HQ to remove my duplicate accounts or excessive registered installs, so I'm just left with registered runnings of 8.5.1356, 9.7.16, and my IOS install 7.2, which all have offline access. This way I should stay in the limit of 3 Spotify instances, and I'm guessing now, not revoke offline storage and have to constantly resync.

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If you want to have multiple versions installed in Windows, use Sandboxie.  I have three installed, and have had them all open at the same time.  I'm pretty sure there is a Mac version.  Check it out.

Hey Rollo.


Can you expand on that? I'm not familiar with sandboxie (or sandboxing in general). How would i set up to keep running 0.8.5 as normal and a newer version sandboxed?

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Since you're on a Mac, see this post on how to install an old version and prevent it from updating:


After a quick Google, there doesn't seem to be a Mac equivilent for Sandboxie, though a Mac program called "SuperDuper" has a sandbox feature.  . 


In Windows, a new program install will add files and settings in various locations, user data, the Windows folder, the Registry, everywhere, and uninstalling the software will usually leave traces of the old software.  Sanboxie isolates everything, very much like making a 'portable' install of the program in question.


Avast, an antivirus program, also has a Sandbox feature, but unlike Sandboxie, apparently this isn't something you can save across restarts.  Read this blog post.  It sheds light on how the Sandbox feature works.


This looks interesting and there is a Mac version.  Though its designed for USB drives, I suspect you can specify where the install would be located.



I'm not using a mac, just still keeping 0.8.5 alive. Trying sandboxie now and have both versions running. Nice one.



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mutantdog wrote:

I'm not using a mac, just still keeping 0.8.5 alive. Trying sandboxie now and have both versions running. Nice one.

Sorry, MD, I had you confused with the original poster.  I might give that portable app builder a go, Sandboxie may slow it down a bit.  But the good thing is that when you want to do a clean install, of a new version for example, its easy to just wipe out the old one from the system tray.


If you want to set up another, say 0.6.5, you can add another Sandboxie folder from within the program.  Can't tell you exactly how, but its not that difficult.  And, BTW, if you happen to want to run 0.6.5, SpotifyWebHelper.exe can NOT be running or the program won't open.

I have also been trying to run a 2nd Mac Desktop version but i'm not able to open it if the other version is already running. So you were actually able to run 2 desktop versions at once?


I reverted back to 0.85.133 a while ago and would like to also install and/or the lastest versions as they are released to see what updates/fixes have been made. will allow me to checkmark songs so they are added to my "Your Music" songs library, view followers, and follow others - features that are compatible with the iPhone app. 


I looked for Sandboxie for Mac but couldn't find it. Were you able to get this set up?  Did you get it working with SuperDuper?




update: I don't know what happened before but i'm able to have 2 versions open at once now.  Is this going to be stable and reliable though? I'd like to be sure it doesn't cause problems i regret 😕  If it's possible to use a Sandboxie app for Mac i'd much rather do that so each program doesn't interfere with each other.


Perhaps the 3 version limitation is related to the 3 device limitation for offlne use listed here in the FAQ:!/article/Can-I-listen-offline-on-more-than-one-devic...

If you have virus programs on your computer, try disabling them. I'm currently using the following antivirus and haven't had any problems.
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