Latest desktop version so slow it's unusable


Latest desktop version so slow it's unusable



Guys, I'm sorry. I never leave messages like this but this new desktop version of Spotify - OH. MY GOD. It's so slow it's not even usable?


How did this get released? It seems someone on the team was over their head and got ahead of the average user in terms of hardware.


Maybe it works OK on the latest Macs (which I'm sure your offices are stocked with) but not everybody has one. Yeah, sure you 'test' it on older machines but my 17 inch Macbook pro CANNOT run this thing. The GUI is suddenly ten seconds behind every click, which hardly registers now. And this is on a computer that's been running Spotify without issue for years.


Why are you cramming this app with so much graphical gimmeckery that you're losing people who've been subscribers for years? It's a MUSIC APP. At least give us a Lite version or something we can allow ourselves to pay for.


I can tell you now, this has sucked the joy out of making playlists. I haven't made a new one since this 'update.' and I have cancelled my subsscription. I might re-start  once you've fixed this thing - and let us know that it's ready to re-download for everyone.

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My two cents: It is not in Spotify's interest to encourage premium customers to search or listen anything. All music listened leads to less money for Spotify. I've come to this conclusion as searching is made very difficult i(android app especially) in an application that should grant you access to virtually unlimited supply of music.
It will be one birthday party next month and good bye paying for premium after that.


This helped me (on my Mac Pro 2010 with Yosemite 10.10.3):

A couple of old friend's user login data, cookies ++ was stored in the folder

Users > [my name] > Library > Application Support > Spotify > Users.

I deleted all but my own, and voila!

Hope this will help some of you.

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I don't know if this the correct place to put this or if I should start a new thread, but ever since the latest update to Spotify (Win7 Home Premium, Spotify Desktop) it takes a VERY long time to load. I have sat for 2 or 3 minutes and finally just closed Spotify to try and restart the app.


Very annoying as it used to just open right up and I could start enjoying my music.


This so-called "new" version is just ridiculous.


Since it seems we're not allowed to post the direct link to how you can revert to the previous working version of Spotify, I'll just tell you how to do it :


Open Google Chrome (or whatever Internet browser you have)

Search for "reddit spotify reverting to an older version"

Go to the first result that's called "1011060gc75ebdfd - spotify - Reddit"

At the bottom of the page you'll find happiness  :smileyhappy:


Just want to chime in and say that I am also having this problem.


I've stopped my premium subscription because I can't even use it on desktop. The app lags terribly and freezes my laptop (MBP late 2011, updated to 10.10.2). Spotify was so great, but now I'm afraid I might be back to square one in my search for an alternative to downloading all of my music to my machine locally 😞

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I'm having the same problem on my mac, the app opens but it doesn't load anything, only "songs" section.

My other playlists just shows the loading animation and it stays like that for about 30 minutes


It's really slowwwwwww.............

Can someone please fix the problems??

I can't even search the songs or artists...

There are still other problems like the song is always stop while playing.


Same here, i find myself using it much less often since it updated, terribly laggy version...


Also, can you please re-integrate the minimize-on-close function? At least as a option, used it frequently.

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Same here. Application freezes for a second when switching views. I am on high-end lenovo laptop with SSD hard drive and i5 processor and never had problems with earlier version. This is clearly performance issue. I am premium user.


I was just about to start a topic about this.


I can only agree with you gymkhana...


And not only is the latest version EXTREMELY slow...but, why...WHY is the find/search function removed?! WHO did it possibly disturb? Instead of just finding songs and artists directly in my playlists, I now instead have to scroll through them in alphabetical order...


Spotify - Please just fix this.



I am with the same problem. I thinking about leaving my Premium Account as I can't  use