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Mac spotify will not down load. help fast!

Mac spotify will not down load. help fast!

I had spotify for the longest time, but now it just wont open. So I deleted it and tried to re-download it, but this has not worked. Each time it tries to open but says it cant. Please help.

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If you are not on Mac OS X 10.5, try downloading a full installer of Mac Spotify from here and re-installing after deleting Spotify from your system:


If you are on Mac OS X 10.5, the latest Mac Spotify no longer supports OS X 10.5. You will need to follow these instructions to go back to an earlier version of the Spotify client and stop Spotify from auto-updating to the new/non-working version.


Post back and let us know how it goes.




Let me also add that you if you are not on OS X 10.5, you should download and install the latest Flash from Adobe. And uninstall Flip4Mac if you have that installed. This has helped other users. If you find there is an incompatibility with Flip4Mac, then email Spotify support, "" and ask them how they'd like you to file a bug report.




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