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'Made for You' not accurate?

'Made for You' not accurate?


New Zealand



(iPhone 7, Macbook Pro late 2016)

Operating System

(iOS 10)


Something weird happened to my 'Made for you feed' on my Mac where the title did not represent the songs selected. 


Example: My third feed is showing classical and soundtrack artists I have been following/listening to lately, but the feed contains only 80s pop (I've also been listening to lately).

The selection of songs is perfectly logical, but the previous feed of classical and soundtrack artists seems to have been replaced with one of my 80s feeds. (see image)


songs don't match.png

I tried shutting down/restarting the program (didn't work) I even tried rebooting my mac (didn't work).

My solution was to force an update of this list on my iphone. (I had to re-start the app on my phone) which bought up a new accurate playlist. This became subsequently updated on my mac feed. (See new image)

Thought I'd post this if anyone else got into this wrangle!

This is the accurate feed (based on the mix title and artists listed)This is the accurate feed (based on the mix title and artists listed)

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