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Mobile app using data when playing on desktop

Mobile app using data when playing on desktop






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Good afternoon. So I am playing Spotify from my desktop all day. I also have my phone connected to spotify, but I shut it down. Every few minutes it will automatically starts to play the music from my phone. Sound is still coming from the desktop but when I watch in my navigation bar I can see it is playing at my phone as well. I just slide it away to shut it down but it will come back anyways. Could it be that it has something to do with the Waze integration? Because this happens since I am using waze. Waze is also shut down by the way.

Now it is not that big of a deal you would say, but it also uses a lot of data every time it starts playing on my phone while I thought I was streaming from my pc(I have high quality streaming turned on).

If there is anything that is not clear, just ask me.


Thanks in advance!



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Hey @MarkDuijf.


Thanks for getting in touch!


That sounds a bit odd. Hope it hasn't eaten too much of your mobile data. Have you tried to reinstall the app on both your mobile device and computer?


If this doesn't help, could you temporarily remove Waze from your device to see if that changes anything? That way we can find out if it has to do with the Waze integration indeed.


Let us know what you can find. Looking forward to your reply.


Have a nice day.

Good morning Guido,



I have tried re-installing the app on my phone and desktop. This did not seem to work. I did not see like a special event when spotify pops up, but it still does occasionaly. I have no clue what triggers it. The only thing I see is that it happens when a new song starts to play, but still that does not always happen.


I now deleted Waze but it still happens.. I have provided 2 screenshots to prove Spotify uses data (this is only for approximately being idle for 2-3 minutes.)


I understand it sounds strange, but I have no further information. Even the playlist I play does not matter haha 🙂


Thanks for the reply and I hope you can do anything with the info I provided.




Mark Duijf


Hey @MarkDuijf.


Thanks for getting back to us with that info.


Would you mind just clarifying what you mean by the following (from the original post):

  • "I also have my phone connected to spotify, but I shut it down" - do you mean that you close the Spotify app on your phone?
  • "Every few minutes it will automatically start to play the music from my phone" - could you explain what happens here exactly?

Once we have these details, we'll be able to look into this further.


Thanks! We'll be looking out for your reply.

Hello Peter,


With the first thing I meant to say that I have spotify installed on my phone and that it is visible in my 'devices' list at my desktop, but it is not launched on my phone. From the 'app overview' function in my phone I shut down all my apps including spotify.


The second thing I said means this: When I start playing music at my desktop, every now and then my phone screen lights up and I see the information about what song is playing etc. When I close the notification and I make sure the spotify app is not running, it will give me the notification again after a little while (few songs).


It's fine with me when they give me the updates about what song is playing, but the problem is, is that it's using (relatively much) data on the background without me using the app on my mobile device. Only giving me updates about what song is playing, should not use over 30MB every day right?


Hope this is clear for you. Any questions, go ahead! 🙂



Mark Duijf

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