New layout no longer allows for viewing all songs in nested folders

New layout no longer allows for viewing all songs in nested folders

Hi - one feature of Spotify I used to use all the time was to nest all of my folders of genres of music ("rock","pop",etc) inside another folder called "collections", such that when you wanted to play a mix of all your recent songs across all genres, you could just click on the collections folder, sort by date added, and have a mix of all recent songs. 


With my current version of spotify ( - this list of songs have been replaced by thumbnails of each of the subfolders, which is pretty much useless as that functionality is already provided in the folder structure directly to the left. So now I seem to have no way to play all recent songs. 


Under "your music" there is a "songs" button, but it does not seem to have the same songs listed that are in my "collections" folder. I'm not sure how songs end up there, but it is definitely an incomplete list.


Is there some other way to do what I'm trying to do? If not, please consider reverting the old functionality of a parent folder view.

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Hello there,


The Songs going in the folder "Songs" in the section [Your Music] are the songs you save by clicking on the sign + next to the title.

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