Not all local files shown in local files

Not all local files shown in local files


I have a folder with some local mp3s. In the past Spotify has found these files without any problems. But lately, both on my Mac and my PC more than half of the files are not "found". I have specifed specific folders and everything. Cleared the Spotify cache. Restarted both app and computer. Nope. Files not shown. 

I've seen some other questions like mine where the solution has been to put all files in one folder and make spotify look in that folder. It worked when I added the files the first time. Not anymore. 


The other option was to make a clean install of Spotify. Really?

This is obviously a problem as it doesn't only happen on one of my computers and others have the same problem. 


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Same problem here, I added a 16-track album to my local files folder and only 12 of the songs showed up.

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