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Playlists currently not showing up on profile when you follow them. [BUG]

Playlists currently not showing up on profile when you follow them. [BUG]

Currently when you follow a playlist on spotify it will still show up in your playlist folder but will not show up on your profile. I have tested this with many people following my playlist and it wont show up for them or me. Not a big issue but still needs to be fixed as I often click on my profile to select a playlist in which to listen.


Existing ones that you have followed before latest update still appear there but if you followed any recently they wont be.

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Hey @lloydcrozier!


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Just to check, have you tried making them public? Just right-click the playlist and select Make Public.


Let us know how it goes. 

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I'm having the same problem! 😕

I have also encountered the same problem. Playlists I create that are public will show up on my profile fine, but any playlist I follow from another user does not display on my profile. Never used to have this problem up until a few months ago. My profile is showing I only have 5 public playlists when in actual fact I have a total of 11 including other ones I am following (see attached)

*also there is no way of making followed playlists public

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