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Spotify Program Shuffle & Rewind system

Spotify Program Shuffle & Rewind system


I will tell you a few things that bothers me in the process of using Spotify generally.


First, Spotify is playing my last music of my playlist. after it finished, Spotify continues to play other recommended musics. it is okey but when i push the rewind button for getting back to my playlist musics, program do not let me to get back to the list. when i push rewind button several times it is always continues replaying first of the recommended music.


Second is recommended musics are generally same... Spotify makes you think that the music archive is low. but i know it is not.


Third is the connecting other bluetooth devices.

i am always using Spotify program for listening musics. after i connected any device by my phone and play button, Spotify never opened and activated. i have to open Spotify application first with source device (phone or computer)

        i am using android i could not find any system optimization settings to let Spotify main program for listening musics. Bluetooth device and other things maybe cause this problem but there should be any solution about that. i think play button command mixed with other applications like youtube, instagram, android music applications etc... there is no problem after i open Spotify application on my phone.


That is all for now and sorry about my english if there is misunderstanding

Thank you


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