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Spotify Reading Local Files Incorrectly


Spotify Reading Local Files Incorrectly


So I was able to get the digital files for Deliquescence by Swans (which contains very large songs).

On many of the longer songs, specifically The Knot (45:37), Cloud of Unknowing (29:22), and The Glowing Man (36:20), the songs have been appearing as 1 to 2 seconds long on my status on Discord. It appears Spotify itself also thinks that this is the actual length for these songs, because the playlist I made for the album is only 43 minutes, compared to the actual 155 minute runtime.

To see if this only happened with just this album, I decided to play my files for the Radiohead Minidisc Leak (which I bought legally), that are also very long.
The exact same thing happened. The song length only showed up as a couple seconds on my Discord status.
Is there a way to fix this weird bug with song lengths?

Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 7.52.24 AM.png