Spotify & Slack

Spotify & Slack

We use slack at work and have a music channel where we post cool songs.

Since a couple of weeks when I want to play a song from slack he does not use my paid Spotify player (as usual) but he plays a snippet of the song in slack.  

This is very annoying because you will hear 2x song playing at the same time, the one playing in spotify and the one in slack.


First I was the only one but now a colleague of mine has the same issue, but she is using Mac. So we are very confused and don't know who can solve this.

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I am also encountering this same issue. Track links posted in Slack no longer play the full version of the song, just the unauthenticated preview, and clicking on any of the links opens Safari to a 'download Spotify' page instead of launching in the desktop app that is already open.


I am on version of the Mac app, and the latest (2.6.2) Slack version, on Mac OS 10.12.5.

Downloading and installing a fresh copy of Spotify fixed it for me.

That worked for me too!

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