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Spotify continually causing mac to crash

Spotify continually causing mac to crash

When playing music through spotify - it consistently causes my mac (running OS X Lion 10.7.4) to crash - a message comes up saying I have to restart my computer.

This initially started happening when I was running spotify in the background and doing other things but now does it whenever i am using it... generally after 1 or 2 songs.

EXTREMELY annoying

Any suggestions?

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this keeps happening to me too. Also running on Lion. Any suggestions spotify? 

I am not Spotify, but based  on the many people on these forums who are having all sorts of troubles with the latest client update, I'd suggest trying an old version of the Spotify client.


If this solves your problem, you know it is the new client that is causing your troubles.You can then email Spotify support, "" and let them know the new client doesn't work on Lion.


If you wish to try the old client, there are some instructions here and here. I'd suggest reading them both and picking the one that seems clearest. Many people have used each of them and are happily running the old client.

Emailing them now.


OS X 10.12.3 - crashes/reboots every time spotify is running. Both web version and desktop version.

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