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Spotify keeps changing "launch on startup" option by itself

Spotify keeps changing "launch on startup" option by itself


I KNOW how to disable auto-launch option, I don't know how to STOP Spotify from reactivating automatically auto-launch option.



I'm running Mac OS Yosemite 10.10.2 (up-to-date as of today) and everytime I launch Spotify, the "launch on startup" option is set back to "minimized" automatically. This means that everytime I launch Spotify, I have to open the preferences in order to disable this option. 


I also tried disabling it via System Pref -> Users -> Startup, but nope... it doesn't prevent Spotify from reactivating itself the "launch on startup".


It doesn't matter whether I end up using Spotify every day or not, I just don't want it to launch on startup, and this issue is really pushing me away (moreover that i'm being tempted with Tidal).


Info :

- New Mac 27" : couple days old.

- Have only installed Adobe CC 2014, Google Chrome, Microsoft Office and Spotify so far. 

- There's only 1 user account and it has admin rights


Any help ?

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I can replicate this bug on OS X Mavericks, Spotify v.

In OS X you can at least override this settings by going to your System Preferences -> Users & Groups -> Login Items and removing it with the [-] button.

But you are right, this is one of the many things that worked perfectly in the old version of Spotify and is now broken. When will it be fixed? Let me guess: no ETA.

Same problem here. Whenever I launch Spotify it ALWAYS sets itself to open automatically. I go to Preferences > Advanced > Open Spotify automatically and turn it OFF. As soon as I quit and reopen Spotify, it turns itself back on. I'm running the current version I even thought it may be some other software conflicting, so I did a full format and reinstall of the Hard Drive / OS. With a fresh install, no other programs on the machine, I installed Spotify. Same problem. 

Apparently this is still an active bug. Pretty annoying.

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