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Spotify won't launch on Mac 10.7.5

Spotify won't launch on Mac 10.7.5

So yesterday, I tried to open Spotify Premium on my Macbook Pro (Lion 10.7.5), and the Spotify icon on my dock kept bouncing up and down. After waiting for several minutes, it continued bouncing up and down and never opened. At the time, I was in a rush and decided to deal with it today.


Today, I had the same problem. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Spotify, and that did not help. I have tried this three or four times now. Now, whenever I try to open Spotify, the icon bounces up and down for a couple minutes, then stops, but does not open. The light that indicates when an app is open is absent below the Spotify icon. The only option I have is to force quit Spotify. Also, Spotify does not appear on my Launchpad (a gesture on the trackpad that displays all apps installed on my computer).


It is also worth mentioning that this is the latest version of Spotify. When I first tried to open it yesterday, the icon was a new logo, and I had recently restart my computer, so Spotify must have updated itself to the latest version.


This is extremely frustrating, being that I pay $10 a month for a service that is broken.

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Also, whenever I try to move the Spotify app to the trash to uninstall, I get a message saying, "The item “Spotify” can’t be moved to the Trash because it can’t be deleted."


Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.

I can't launch Spotify on my Mac. I'm just watching the bouncing ball


Having exact same issue - suddenly Spotify won't launch...

Hey guys, I found a solution from another thread:


A clean reinstallation worked for me. It's worth trying, hope this helps!

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