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User interface bug

User interface bug

Just noticed a weird bug in the desktop app for Mac, at the top above the song names where it usually displays the album artwork, the big green play/pause button, download button etc. it’s now just a big blank space (see screenshot)


Screenshot 2018-01-21 15.17.17.png


When I scroll through the list of songs the normal view appears briefly then goes blank again.


I tried doing a fresh reinstall of spotify via the instructions here:


This didn’t solve the issue.


I Just wanted to know if any others are having this same problem.




Mac Pro, 10.10.5 Yosemite


Type of Spotify account:



Spotify version:

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I experience another weird bug, since an update I did 5 minutes ago.

It is not static, so the grey and black are moving strangely why you scroll. It looks awful. 

I suppose it will be noticed by spotify programmers soon. 


Spotify version:


Mac: High Sierra 10.13.2


Bildschirmfoto 2018-01-23 um 16.39.18.png

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