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iOS Error message: "There was an error posting to... spotify"

iOS Error message: "There was an error posting to... spotify"

As strange as it could be I'm having this error on iOS 9.3 Spotify App. Any ideas? I have uninstalled, reinstalled, reset all social connections, still having this error.
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I am having this exact same problem, following 🙃🙃🙃

Me too, following

I'm having the same thing happen. Must be the new update. Reply if anyone finds out what the fix is

No solution...

Same. Following....

Wow! No solution??

@user-removed @user-removed @gmrowden @user-removed @Leahevonne96


Unfortunately, the Activity feed seem broken right now to all of us.

That causes the error, since no new activity is shown in the Activity feed.


Posting to Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr works fine though.


Check these thread:

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Been happening to me for a couple of weeks. They even released an update recently and I hoped that would take care of it but the problem remains...


Thanks for posting the additional thread information that you did. That was helpful. This issue is irritating. Hopefully Spotify really is working on a fix.



Thanks for posting about this problem in the first place. Hopefully Spotify can come up with a fix if enough people speak up

Still cant post, any updates?. Is there anything I have to set for this to work?.



Still not working

Indeed... I think Spotify has eliminated that section.

Luis Delgado

any solution to this issue?

using the newest version and it's still showing the error. the song DID get shared on twitter though, it just still shows the error message so if we're not aware we probably have posted the same song on twitter/tumblr/facebook already. hope to get a fix soon!

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