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Desktop Application not responding

Desktop Application not responding






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My Spotify application is set to launch whenever I start up my laptop. The problem is that whenever it does, I get this notification that states that the application is not responding and the window doesn't fully open? There is the usual miniimze, maximize, and black X in the corner of my screen I could click on to close it as if the window hasn't fully materialized. If I click on the Spotify icon in my toolbar at the bottom of my screen, however, it will pull up the spotify application and play music as if nothing is wrong. 


To fix the issue of the application not responding I have attempted restarting my computer, going into the task manager and ending the application, restarting again, and also uninstalling and reinstalling both from the official Spotify website and the Windows 10 store. However I always get this notification upon starting my laptop and I am unsure of what is causing it. Is there any way to fix this? I'm including a picture of what I see when I start up my laptop below.




P.S. Additionally there also appears to be a disconnect between the application on my laptop and the one on my phone (Samsung S7), they have different daily mixes and I don't know if that is a case of something not connecting between the two or it is based off what I listen to off both devices.

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