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Disable Explicit Songs?


Disable Explicit Songs?

Is it possible to tell spotify not to play any songs with explicit lyrics?  I like to play random playlists or spotify's top lists sometimes but don't like songs with explicit lyrics. 


Any help would be appreciated.





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In my view, if being premium-only means it gets the investment required to make this feature work properly, then it's worth paying for. Most people don't need it, but for families with young kids it is absolutely essential and so we should pay the price.

It’s fine. It is a private company and they can choose just as we can choose to not use their service. But I still think it’s sort of cheeky to put that option on the premium service side. I mean really? Other services have been doing it for years. Plus, how many people have premium services for every member of their family? Children, etc.

I was paying £9.99 a month for Google Music which has the feature, just cancelled the subscription and started a 3 month premium account for Spotify for £0.99

Always said that this was the only reason that I couldn't use Spotify............


Bout bludy time!!!

vmonks - There is a Spotify family subscription option which provides up to 6 premium accounts for 1.5x the cost of a single premium account, so no need for separate subs for kids etc.

So it is 2018 and we still can't listen to a song without cussing .........?


Yes, we are still listening to them.  NOT by choice, just only because spotify don't seem to care much for their clients.

They do have this button now. Only on premium but that’s at least a start.
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Thanks.  I was looking thru on my computer and had previously looked thru on my android but couldn't find anything to 'block' these songs.
Thanks to your reply, I looked more presistently and found this in Spotify Help:

For: Mobile and tablet (more devices coming soon!)

Filter out content labelled as explicit with these steps:

  1. Tap Home .
    Got Premium? Tap Your Library .
  2. Tap Settings .
  3. Tap Explicit Content.
  4. Switch Allow Explicit Content off (gray).
  5. Tracks marked as explicit now appear grayed out. It’s not possible to play them and they are skipped over by the player.

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