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How to dislike track

How to dislike track





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Windows 10


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I'm new to Spotify, coming from Google Play Music. There, I could dislike a track, something I'd like to do here too. I'm using the windows desktop app to start track/playlist radios but I saw no way of disliking tracks. No (/) icon anywhere or anything related in the right click menu.

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Oh I found the (\) icon in the tracklist when the cursor is over a track. However clicking on it doesn't seem to do anything.

It used to exist...I don't have a dislike button in any radio stations. 😕

I just had to listen to some screaching auto-tuned banshee in a radio station that may have traumatized me due to the level of awfulness. I NEVER want to hear it again. 


From what I've seen on these forums though, they are going to give some nonsensical answer about how it's available on radio stations and then will close your thread. 


So, yeah it's not available for some people. 

It seems that the icon is not shown in Song Radios only in Playlist Radios and even there it doesn't do anything. How is this basic feature broken/missing in an 11 years old service?

Just in case anyone else is wondering about this too: the only place where the dislike button is present and also does something is in the "Your discover weekly" generated playlist.

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