I imported a local file which works on my desktop but doesn't carry over to my phone

I imported a local file which works on my desktop but doesn't carry over to my phone








iPhone 7+ 256gb

Operating System

iOS 12, Windows 10 on my desktop 

My Question or Issue

 So I converted a song from youtube into an mp3 file. This is the song:  / and I used flvto to convert it into an mp3 file. I took the file and imported that into the my spotify local files folder which correctly imports it onto spotify. I then added the song into my local files playlist and downloaded it as usual, all my other mp3 files from my desktop are also in this same playlist. All the other songs on that playlist are playable through my phone, except this new mp3 file which doesn't seem to want to carry over. The mp3 file does play through my desktop however without issue, only when I try to carry it over to my phone it doesn't work. Suggestions?

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This is a bit of a weird thing you have to do, but I was able to figure it out (kind of). What you have to do is first, make a playlist to put all of your local files on and then download it on your PC. Then what you have to do is make sure your phone and computer are on the same Wi-fi network. Then download the playlist on your phone and you should be able to play the song on your phone. If the playlist isn't downloading on your phone, try turning on a Wi-fi hotspot if your phone has it and connect your computer to it. It should work then. 🙂


Thanks for the response. I have all the local files already placed in a local files playlist but it's still causing issues. I tried to revert the actions by undownloading and redownloading, deleting the playlist and recreating the playlist. New issues have arised because of this, files that previously caused no problems aren't reading correctly now either.


What else can I possibly do to fix this issue?


Quick update on the situation; I've reinstalled spotify on both my PC and my iPhone. Local files are reading correctly on my PC now, however once I put it into a local files playlist for downloading and offline play, it does not download and simply says "Waiting.." on both devices.

Did you make sure they're both connected to the same Wi-Fi? If that doesn't
work, try connecting your computer to your phone's hotspot


They're both connected to the same wifi, I can't mobile hotspot my desktop since it doesn't have wireless capability.

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