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Playlist wont sort by artist and then by title correctly

Playlist wont sort by artist and then by title correctly

On the "Liked" list I can sort by artist followed by title without a problem, but on a playlist I cannot. On a playlist I can sort by artist/album no sweat, but the only way to sort artist/title is by using "Custom Order." When I do that, 430+ songs, nearly 10% of the list, are sent to the bottom of the list, apart from the rest of the artist's work, and sorted there. For instance, I have 22 Beach Boys songs, 4 of which sort by "Beach Boys" and 18 others go to the end of the list and get sorted there. All artists whose name start with numbers or symbols are sent to the end (3 Doors Down, ? and The Mysterians, etc.) Is there an easy way to correct this, or am I stuck with 430+ manual changes just to get the sort by artist/title right?
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