Playlists not syncing between devices


Playlists not syncing between devices


I currently have two computers (one for work, one for home) and a phone. For months, if I make a playlist on one, all of the songs appear on the others. Since one of the recent updates, now if I make a playlist on my work computer, it appears on the my home computer and my phone, but it has zero tracks. The actual songs in the playlist don't seem to be syncing at all. The same thing happens if I go the other way (making a playlist on my home computer and trying to play it on my work computer later). I'm stuck as to what to do next, but I don't want to have to make three playlists every time I want one.

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If you're fixing it from a computer (PC) - locate the cache folder or offline songs storage in spotify settings the the advanced menu

-uninstall spotify from control panel 

-delete the cache folder ''

-install spotify again



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Sounding like the IT department I wanna say "Have you tried unplugging your PC from power AND ethernet, waited for 30 seconds and then restarted" and "Try restarting your phone"


Okay... That did not work


This is usually a problem with the versions of the spotify not being up-to-date.

- Your computer (PC/Mac) should always be the newest version, if not then a notification in the program (yes.. I'm not calling something on a PC an app because reasons) with show telling you to restart

- Most phones will update apps automatically BUT(!!!) the standard setting in Google play at least is that it will only do so over WiFi AND ONLY if the app is running in the background.


Of course a clean install on both devices essentially do the same in the end, but if you are on a slow network, and have the songs downloaded on your phone then try the above first


If both versions are up to date then check the usual stuff (disable firewall/antivirus; check the network's portforwarding policy if you are not on your own WiFi and so on)

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Seriously. I'm having this issues for MONTHS now. Tried every "trick" I found on the web. The only thing that ever worked for me was re-installing the app. But... you guessed it, the issue keeps coming back. FINALLY a 'solution' that works for me without having to re-install everytime. And I used quotes for solution because it's barely a solution. It's something PAYING users have to figure out because, whoever is in charge, don't want or care to fix. If there was an easy way to copy all my music/playlist to another service I wouldv been loooong gone. I hate this feeling being powerless. I guess I'll use this ForceSpotifySync from now on because I highly doubt they will ever officially fix this problem. They're to busy either adding useless stuff like CarMode that nobody wants or removing basic functionalities that you would expect for any music player (like sorting search results to name one)


Thanks again! @GoodAndBad

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@GoodAndBad wrote:

Yes, this is getting supper annoying 😞
I can't believe that this hasn't been fixed since 2013..

However I found a 'workaround' solution to force the playlist cache to update.
Automatic solution (easier):
1. Visit
2. Click "ForceSpotifySync.exe" to download it
3. Run the downloaded tool

Manual solution:
1. Locate your Spotify 'cache' directory
1.1. Normal installation: C:\Users\...\AppData\Local\Spotify\Users\...-user\
1.2. Windows Store installation: C:\Users\...\AppData\Local\Packages\SpotifyAB.SpotifyMusic_...\LocalState\Spotify\Users\...-user\
2. Make sure Spotify is not running.
3. Delete all the files starting with 'collection-':(
4. Launch Spotfy and the songs should be synced 🙂



Worked like charm, thanks! 🙂 Nice thinking.

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Perfect, thanks!



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i have tried taking all my devices offline also tried reinstalling the applications on all devices but still no luck, the songs marked as favourite on my phone are still not syncing up on laptop. It started happening about 2 weeks back and since then my favourite songs haven't synced on any device.

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Thanks a Lot!!!!!!!! Finally it is synced now.


As it happened to me since yesterday, I search the internet and this community.
I'm using Spotify desktop of for Windows 10 and my phone is android. 


I have tried 'offline mode' in my phone several times. I have logged out and logged back in, both in my phone and my desktop app.


And I have tried to connect 'multiple device'...


Then finally I open my 'Liked Song' list both in my computer and my phone's Spotify app, and I UNLIKE-then-LIKE the top song/latest song I've liked before in my phone app, ALL OFF THE SUDDEN the Spotify app in desktop synced!

Funny isn't it?

Hope this helps.

Another solution I found was removing one of the latest songs you have added and re-adding it. This kick seems to start the sync for me.

Thank you thank you!
Few days ago, my 95% playlists on have disappeared, on both chrome web player and desktop. Then it re-appeared again. Can't remember what I did but it's possible that I logged in-and-out, clear internet cache, created a 'TEST' folder just to "jog the memory".
So, my playlists were revived on chrome web player, but the playlists on desktop were A MESS! They were all over and it was a nightmare. I dared not do much in case the good lists on web sync to the chaotic desktop ones.
Your solution saved the day!!
I played a song from my web playlist; made sure that it's 'playing on google web' rather than the desktop player; navigated to that song on desktop, right click and add that to a random folder.
Checked my desktop playlists and voila! They behaved again!! Order was restored.
Thank you so much!!!!!


I tried EVERYTHING in this entire thread and NOTHING worked, including the ForceSpotifySync app. I FINALLY found a solution that worked for me and hopefully this helps: 


Just go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc and delete the "host" files. This isn't dangerous for your computer ( Here is a thread that proves it's safe ).


I don't know why it works but after I did that and restarted Spotify if solved my problems. Also worth mentioning, before doing this my playlists would load but songs wouldn't play any music and most of my playlists were very wrong (the 65 song playlist on my phone had only 14 songs on my desktop). I re-downloaded Spotify to try to fix this and then all my playlists were completely empty and I had no liked songs. That's when I found this really hard to understand video that gave me my solution:


Hopefully this helped!



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THANK YOU! that is exactly what worked. Logging out/back in, etc. did not work. I added a song from the device that was "not synched" and it prompted the songs I had added from my laptop to get "sucked in".


This is funny now, for how long they can't fix such key problem :D. Simple manual sync button with a debounce would do the trick, but why value your customer?
Also FYI, your web page has interpolation issues:

Starting to look for an alternative...

Thank you, You're awesome!