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Random songs

Random songs

Okay so this happens to me at least once a week. Sometimes, I leave the spotify app on windows open, I'm not playing any music or anything, I just got distracted by other things. Then out of no where, music starts to play, not only that it's songs that I've never even looked at and from artists I have showed zero interest in. It's happened without my hands on the keys once or twice. I'm so confused. 

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Hey there @brege2,

thanks for posting in the community !


It might be that you account had been taken over that the songs playing on your account are ones played by an external user.


Adding this help guide on hacked accounts.

Please follow all steps to prevent this issue from happening again.


Don't hesitate asking any question if you have some or ask for more help if needed.

Waiting to see how you did 😃

I think this might've been it. Looking into the recently played section I noticed so many others that I never even looked at before. I changed my password, logged off everywhere, and now we'll see if it worked out.

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