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Since Windows 10...

Since Windows 10...

"This song is not available.  If you have the file on your computer you can import it."

For every song.


After Windows 10 update, my sound was not working at all.  I had to update sound drivers, that fixed the issue with sound from other sources.


For SPOTIFY, I have followed the instructions in other posts which included checking to see what my default audio device was set to, making sure there were no other sound devices confusing windows/spotify, restarting windows audio service, uninstalling and reinstalling spotify (which was a **bleep** in and of itself, wouldn't even uninstall in safe mode).  Nothing.


I am getting slightly ticked with this program now.  Between suddenly having to redownload songs on my devices (when I've been online within 5 days on all of them...I honestly believe there is some collusion with Rogers/Fido to increase data usage) music stopping and being unable to restart on phone while driving, seeing posts that are going unanswered or taking years to be addressed.  This is about the final straw for me if I don't get a fix soon.  I don't care if a Windows 10 update triggered the issue, there are too many issues otherwise to throw Microsoft under the bus.  Fix your **bleep** or I'm unsubscribing.

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